Hi! I’m Alina. 

I help people with insomnia get their sleep back.

My teachings are based on personal experience with insomnia and the scientific knowledge on how our brain and sleep work.

I went through the worst of my insomnia, and every remedy kept failing me until I got to the root of it. 

I believe it’s about the way we think, feel and act around sleep. It is all about fear. And when we unlearn that fear, we feel more at peace…and we start sleeping again. 

It’s not a quick-fix, it’s a bumpy journey, but it’s totally worth it.

I don’t focus on one specific method like CBTi or ACT, as I see each of them can have limitations when used rigidly. I rather take the best ideas from all sorts of philosophies, methods, studies to create a unique mix of knowledge to help you leave fear and insomnia behind forever.

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Certified Sleep Coach

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This can be useful if:

✅ You got stuck in the loop of poor sleep. The more you try to sleep, the less sleep you get. It’s difficult to fall asleep, stay asleep, or both – even if circumstance allows.

✅ You feel anxious around sleep: being afraid that you won’t sleep tonight or will wake up too early; worrying how insomnia might affect your health and life; changing your lifestyle because of insomnia.  

✅ You tried every remedy under the sun and nothing worked consistently. 

✅ You already understand that anxiety and hyperarousal drive insomnia and you look for ways how to approach this.

✅ If you’ve started sleeping better, but hit a rough patch and seem to get stuck.

You won’t find here:

 ❌ Quick-fix solutions, hacks, or tricks to make sleep happen. No herbal recipes, special routines, affirmations, exercises, etc – insomnia is mainly the problem of hyperarousal and fear. Without working with our thoughts, emotions, and feelings we can’t resolve the issue.

❌ Recommendations of sleep products like sleeping masks, supplements, apps, etc. I don’t partner with any companies that offer quick-fix solutions. 

❌ Tips to optimize sleep if you don’t have any sleep troubles in the first place. This website won’t be useful for those who are interested in “bio-hacking” their sleep.


I’m not a doctor, therapist, or any other kind of medical professional. Everything on this website is for informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute or substitute professional advice or help.