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👉 If my content resonated with you and you are interested in an individual call, feel free to get in touch. (More information below)

👉 While I try to respond to every inquiry, please note that emails concerning individual calls are prioritized.

Get in touch: alina@sleepcoach.sk

⚠️ Currently not taking new 1-1 calls

Due to my current capacity limitations, my 1-1 work has been paused. If you wish to get on my waiting list, don’t hesitate to email me. Also, you can find free online resources on my blog, YouTube channel, newsletter archive and Instagram page. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for understanding ❤️

About individual calls

On-request personal conversations on the topic of sleep and sleep anxiety take place online via Google Meet (other platforms are possible too, if needed).

The standard call duration is 50 minutes, but in case you feel that you will need more time, I offer a 90-minute option too.

What happens on the call

👉 We take a closer look at the challenges, questions, and limiting beliefs you might be currently facing and work together to find ways to overcome them. The call usually combines educational information, thought-provoking questions, and sharing personal experiences. 

👉 It is a free-form discussion where you decide what topics you want to explore and which direction you want to go. There is no hierarchy or rigid structure. The overall atmosphere is one of friendliness, trust, and sincerity.

👉 My intention is to encourage independence on this path and build trust in yourself. Each journey is different and takes time, and deep inside every one of us knows what works best for them. I am here to help you discover your unique path so that you become your own facilitator – until the point you don’t need me at all.

See the FAQ section below for more details.

This can be helpful for those who:

Struggle to sleep and are anxious about it. They feel worried that they won’t sleep tonight or will wake up too early; worry about how insomnia might affect their life; change their lifestyle because of insomnia.

✅ Have tried every remedy under the sun, and nothing worked consistently. They are tired of constantly looking for quick fixes and long for fundamental transformations.

✅ Are new to the issue of insomnia and sleep anxiety and don’t know where to start. 

✅ Already understand that anxiety and hyperarousal drive their insomnia and have even experienced some improvements, but hit a rough patch, feeling like they are back at square one.

Need encouragement and someone to talk to.

Ready to take responsibility for their life and well-being but just need some pointers.

This might not be for those who

❌ Look for quick-fix solutions, hacks, or tricks to make sleep happen. I don’t provide any herbal recipes, special routines, affirmations, sleep hygiene tips, etc. If your insomnia is driven by sleep-related anxiety, like mine was, such behaviors might only reinforce it and prolong the journey.

❌ Don’t really struggle with sleep and sleep anxiety but are looking for ways to “optimize” or “bio-hack” sleep performance. You will find much better resources on that elsewhere.

❌ Want someone else to fix insomnia for them. Recovery requires dedication, patience, and taking responsibility for your journey and well-being. The most remarkable transformations I’ve seen were done by people who approached this with a strong sense of agency. Ultimately, you are in the driver’s seat, but this doesn’t mean that you have to do it alone.

❌ Need professional medical or mental health help. While our conversations can be a great support on your path, they don’t replace professional help. In case of any health concerns, make sure to speak with your doctor first.


Standard 50-minute call – 115€
Prolonged 90-minute call – 185€

To book a call, please email me at alina@sleepcoach.sk

  • Let me know the duration of the call you prefer and approximate topics you would like to talk about, so that I know whether this is within my scope.
  • I will send you the link to my calendar where you can book a time slot and make a payment.
  • After booking, you will receive an automatic email with the confirmation and the link to the Google Meet call.
  • At the time of the call, join the call using the provided link.
  • In case of any questions around booking, feel free to email me. 🙂

Frequently asked questions

The value of a call lies in its individualization. You get a chance to clarify any aspects of the teaching and look at them within the context of your own experience. A call also offers an opportunity to ask your unique questions which you might not have seen addressed by me so far.

The content of our calls is not different from the insights I share on my other platforms. I don’t hold back any information from my free resources. In fact, a lot of people benefit from free content alone. This is why it is helpful when a person becomes familiar with my content before they book a call.

It happens. You booked a call, but something came up, or maybe you’ve decided to go in a different direction, or things are going well and you don’t currently need support. I totally understand! So, if you need to reschedule or cancel the call, here’s what you can do:

If you want to reschedule the call, just shoot me an email at alina@sleepcoach.sk as soon as possible, and make sure to do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled call. Once I receive your message, I’ll send you a calendar link with my availability, so you can choose a new date and time that work for you (note that I can’t guarantee immediate availability for rescheduled calls). You can reschedule within 3 months from the date of purchase.

To cancel and get a full refund for a one-off call, please cancel 48 hours before our scheduled start time – email me at alina@sleepcoach.skIn case of a no-show or cancellation within less than 48 hours, no refunds are possible. Please note that rescheduled calls can’t be canceled with a full or partial refund.

If you have any further questions, please email me.

There is no need to do any preparation before the call unless you want to.

However, it can be helpful if you can identify one or two areas that you would like to address during the call. In my experience, more focused calls tend to be more fruitful. If you can’t find a specific area and just seek general support and encouragement, that’s okay too. During the call, we will have a chance to identify any hidden roadblocks together.

Absolutely! I completely understand that long-term commitments may not be suitable for everyone.
You’re more than welcome to book a call even if you don’t want ongoing support. Sometimes, just one session can provide the much-needed clarity and motivation to set you on the right path. However, please keep in mind that a single call won’t work miracles. The journey to recovery requires time, dedication, hard work, and taking responsibility for your own well-being.
If you feel empowered and confident to continue independently after our call, there’s no need to commit to additional meetings. You can take what you’ve learned and embark on your own journey to peaceful sleep!
However, it’s not uncommon to face occasional difficulties and setbacks as you progress on your journey. If you find yourself stuck and unsure of how to proceed, you can consider booking a follow-up call. We will delve deeper into the factors that may be holding you back and discuss how to move forward.
There’s no conflict between our conversations and any other forms of support you may be receiving.
The purpose of our calls is to support you on your unique journey. You’re the one who ultimately makes decisions based on what you believe is best for you. I will never advise you for or against taking medications or undergoing other treatments.
During our discussions and the educational content we cover in our calls, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of various approaches and strategies. This knowledge will empower you to make more informed decisions on how to incorporate them into your current path. If you choose to use sleep medication (please speak to your healthcare provider about that first), we can explore how to best integrate the overall teachings with your selected path.
If you decide to gradually reduce or stop taking medications, it is crucial to do so only under the supervision of your doctor. Please remember that while our conversations can provide valuable support, they do not replace the professional advice of your healthcare provider. If you are considering making changes to your medication regimen, it’s essential to have a discussion with your doctor. They will provide the guidance that is specific to your individual needs and circumstances.

The choice of call duration is based on your personal estimation of how much time you would like to have. There is no difference in the way 50 and 90-minute calls are conducted.

Please note that any unused time from the call cannot be refunded. So if you are unsure whether you will use the entire duration, it’s recommended to go with the shorter option.

It is totally okay to get in touch with a brief question after the call. Please allow 1-2 working days for my response. If the question requires a more in-depth and thorough discussion or there are more questions, then I may suggest booking another call.