What’s the role of sleep coaching in insomnia recovery?

sleep coaching provides support on your insomnia recovery journey

Knowing that chasing sleep is the reason we keep struggling with chronic sleep problems and sleep anxiety – might not bring an instant relief and clarity. Heck, it might not even make much sense at first!

But in the long-run, the more you learn about insomnia, demystify it, the more you dissect every bit of it to see “what’s really in there”, the more clarity and relief you get. Because ultimately, what you find is nothingness. In every scary thought, in every feeling or emotion. But it doesn’t happen quickly.

On this self-discovery path you are to fall into the traps of mind. That is inevitable and totally expected. Fixing the system while being a part of it is a so-so business. We simply can’t comprehend the complexity and “trickiness” of it all.

But once you raise above that system and without judgement and desire to fix it simply observe it as well as observing your thoughts and emotions regarding it – the insights and aha-moments start coming to you.

Sometimes, however, you might be too overwhelmed to raise above the system. Like in a sandstorm. This is when talking to someone and seeing their perspective can give you that distance from your thoughts and feelings.

That’s what I do for my clients on the sessions. I am not there to give them a ready-made solution, because having gone through insomnia myself I know there isn’t one right solution. In fact, it is not about the solution at all, because problem-solving IS the problem!

I give them a new perspective, help uncover hidden mind traps that aren’t obvious when you are in the middle of it. Sometimes they tell me that I read their minds because I can predict where a certain thought or behaviour can lead to.

The result of that is clarity and liberation – an immense release of energy – understanding exactly what is happening to you and what has led you to this state.

That clarity is what automatically answers all your questions, gives the right direction, gives you the “how“ – but without me telling you.

You simply know. The knowledge how to end of insomnia is already in you, you just need to unlock it.

And this is something no “X secrets to perfect sleep“ BS can do. It is way more profound than any quick fix (which isn’t quick anyway.)

If you feel like you need to discuss your sleep problem with someone, consider booking a 1-1 coaching session with me ❤️